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Welcome to deviantART's unofficial group for the Korean MMORPG, Elsword. I suggest reading this if you're confused about what Elsword is, or the rules.

Note: Read this if you have a question, it might be answered here (though it probably won't have been).

What is Elsword?
Elsword is a side-scrolling fighting MMORPG developed by KoG Studios, who also developed Grand Chase. Go look up some gameplay videos of Elsword, it's pretty awesome.

Elsword is also the name of one of the playable characters.

Can I play?
There are multiple servers available to play Elsword on. All the servers are listed here. If it's not, please leave a message with a link to the server on the front page and it'll get added as soon as the message is seen, thank you.
Hong Kong
North American (limited to United States, Canada, and Oceania [about New Zealand/Australia area from what I've heard])
Italy (site may not work if you are not in the playable region).

There are registration guides out there for some of the servers, but you'll have to look for those yourself.

If you want to play with someone in one of the Elsword servers, ask around, you might find someone who plays the same server as you.

Everyone is free to join the group, whether you play the game, are an artist of the game, or even just a fan of the game. You don't even need to have played the game in order to join.

1. All art must be yours. Art theft will not be tolerated. De/motivational posters are not allowed.
a. Banners, signatures, etc. are allowed, just submit them to the folder of the character depicted.
b. Please submit your art to the correct folder. It will be moved if it's not in the correct folder, however.
c. Screenshots only belong to the Misc. folder.
:new:d. Due to a Grand Chase character being released in Elsword, it should be noted that only the Elsword iteration of the character, Elesis, is allowed.:new:

2. No flaming, trolling, bashing, etc. You will be removed/blocked depending on the severity of your actions.

3. This is obvious, but Elsword-related art only. This is limited to characters, monsters, and locations in the game itself. Artwork featuring other characters not from the game itself is allowed as long as it contains at least one Elsword character.

4. Have fun.

In Conclusion
If you have any questions, concerns or comments, leave them on the front page or note a founder/co-founder/contributor. Same deal regarding the game itself, as they will probably be able to answer your questions regarding the game. Just don't repeatedly bother them.


Elsword-related links.

KoG Elsword blog

A database of Elsword [ElswordHQ]

Elsword HQ Forums

Korea Elsword's official Fan Art section

Elsword art on Pixiv

Elsword art on Pixiv; Japanese keyword used

Elsword Comics translated in English
Original ElType location vol. 1
Original ElType location vol. 2
Original ElType location vol. 3
Original ElType location vol. 4
Note: Eltype is an online Elsword magazine by KoG.
Can eveyone help me with something

info: Elsword: truth or dare fanfic

characters: elsword, rena, aisha, raven, ara, eve, chung, add, elesis

any dares anyone want to put
Howdy Elpeeps,

Community Organizer Cuddles here from the Elsword NA forums! Recently DeathByDarkness graciously let me become an admin of this amazing group! This place is a great resource for all Elsword artwork and cosplay!

I hope to bring more exposure to the group and you all by sharing your work with the rest of community through Social Media! Also if we decide to hold contests for artwork I'll be sure to let you know.

I would like to showcase cosplayers periodically on Social Media so if you would like the exposure please reply on this journal with your IGN and link to your photo!

~Cuddles :-DDD
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Howdy Elpeeps! I am Community Organizer Cuddles of the Elsword NA forums! I was wondering if we could partner up on do some sponsored art contests together! Please send me a note if you can!
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my name on elsword is mikulove9144 or yukilove9144 or Ljosalfr
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As long as it has the proper mature content filter on it, yes.
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